Building, Living And Working The Country Barn

If you like the idea of living in the country, then this short inspirational note might interest you. If you like getting your hands dirty, this should interest you. And if you are looking to be as innovative as possible in building your own self-sufficiency as an entrepreneur, you might like the idea of creating your own barn event center out in the country or at least a little ways out of town.

But do note that if you are the quiet sort, not much of a people’s person and preferring your own company, then perhaps event planning is not for you. On the other hand, if you and your spouse are recently retired and hoping to absorb the country life in the future, then perhaps building a barn as a solid, mature couple could turn out to be quite a romantic experience. Talk about renewing the old marriage vows then.

Or putting some spark back into a long-term relationship that has already had its fair share of ups and downs. Speaking of romance, what could be more romantic than this setting. Perhaps your daughter is on the verge of getting married. And perhaps it is traditional for you as the bride’s parents to be hosting the wedding reception. What could be more absorbing and memorable than hosting an intimate event out in the countryside?

Again, if the practical side of this dream is starting to overwhelm you, bearing in mind that dreams do come true when you work at it, and you’ve never been one that’s handy with tools at the back of the suburban garage, then there’s always this. Apart from hiring a creative event planning team who just happens to be working out of their own countryside barn, you can also hire a team of carpenters who just happen to specialize in the barn experience.

But let’s assume that you’re still young and happening, and ambitious, but not forgetting that starting a new business is also familiar territory for recently retired couples, and wish to try out something innovative and organic, and sustainable, as it turns out, try and imagine yourself at your desk right now evaluating some of the things you need to do and the character building you might want to work on.

To build your own barn out in the country, or become an event planner, or both, you do need to have a workable plan to match your dreams. You also need to realize that this ambitious project will require input from appropriate professionals with their matching tools of trade. The erstwhile carpenter was already mentioned. How about interior decorating and catering? Ever thought of that?

Apart from loving the countryside, you do need to have a good creative side to you. And then there is this. It’s quite important. You need a trough of patience for this kind of project. Whether event planning or living quietly in the countryside, what better way to live as sustainable as possible, till death do you part.